Woodland Summer Camps and Classes

A NJ certified teacher will facilitate a play-based introduction to pre-school through a variety of individual and collaborative projects that will inspire the natural curiosity of children. The program seeks to cultivate creative intelligence and foster a sense of wonder and joy. To respect and nurture the inherent magic of children, activities will be self-guided throughout Woodland Play’s rich learning space. Throughout a typical day, children will enjoy a community meeting, independent and group project time, free play, and a healthy organic snack provided by Jessica Alfreds food.

5 Days a week program for ages 2y-4y:  Monday -Friday 9am -10:30am 

1 Day a week program for ages 2y-4y: Tuesdays 3pm - 4:30pm for 5 weeks - Daily Camp Passes are available for this program

What makes our program special:


Child-centered: Pre-school can be a daunting experience for a child. It is a place where they have new social customs and interactions, are independent from caregivers, learn to speak in public groups and self-care habits. Woodland's readiness program creates time and space to test these waters in nurturing and un-intimidating ways. Woodland's program is inspired by Montessori and Emilia Reggio principles, and combined through a thoughtful curriculum. 

Caregiver and Me: Parents, as a child’s first teacher, play an important role in pre-school readiness. Throughout the program, parents will be encouraged to either observe their child’s progress from a distance or gently jump in to guide them in their journey towards independence and true transition from a caregiver-child environment to pre-school readiness.


Potty training: Potty training is not required for the caregiver and me classes and caregiver assistance with diapers is requested. The program will allow for patient potty practice following caregiver’s philosophy and leave time to learn important bathroom skills based on individual child’s interests.

Includes nutritious food + open play: Local chef Jessica Alfreds will provide organic and fresh daily snacks with examples such as organic fruit salad using fresh, local, seasonal fruit, homemade tortilla chips, homemade organic kale chips, banana bread and more. After class, students stay at woodland for open play for 30 minutes. 














Tim has over 7 years of professional experience in pre school and early childhood education.  He is knowledgeable in several progressive education and respectful parenting approaches, which he practices with his 4 and 1.5 year old. He is also a beloved NJ certified teacher, formerly teaching kindergarten at Dwight Englewood, one of NJ’s premier independent schools, and is currently teaching middle school English in the Morris School District.

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Makeup and Cancellation Policy: We cannot offer any make-ups or pro-rated rates for missed camp classes. To cancel your session you must e-mail us at hello@woodlandnj.com one month prior to the beginning of your session for a full refund.