Our Story:

Julija Stoliarova

Marina Miller

Woodland indoor playground is an eco-friendly, imaginative play space targeted for tots aged

0-5. Woodland is a Scandinavian inspired play space, focusing on on creative, modern independent play and fosters a sense of community for all. No detail was left unfinished at Woodland -- from an anti-microbial cork floor for less germs and less slipping, to high-quality toys and play-areas free of plastic, foam, toxins or lights. Every inch of Woodland was hand-selected to stimulate healthy and safe play. 

For Little Ones: We believe in child-directed play that encourages exploration, learning and imagination.  Hide away in our chicken coop (play chickens only!) or bring your mini entrepreneurial spirit to our farmer's market food truck. Sensory play at every corner that you turn, a set up sure to ignite every transportation enthusiast., and no light-up or noisy toys for truly open-ended imaginative play that supports independent play philosophies. 


For Big Ones: We believe that caregivers need comfort too, especially when playing with littles! Woodland offers artisanal coffee, cold brew, free-WiFi, and gourmet health-conscious organic snacks for all. 

For All: We believe not only in the community we are creating, but the community all around us. Proceeds from every play entry provide a meal for a New Jersey child in need through our partnership with the Community Food Bank of NJ. Read more about our partnership here

Our Philosophy:

We are two Montclair moms and serial entrepreneurs who wanted a place for our tots and their pals to drop in and play. We created Woodland Indoor Playground for a place for parents and littles to get together at a moments notice and engage in sensory and imaginative play.